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  • Living in the Limelight!

    hydrangea-limelight-35252.1355842934.300.300-1-This hardy hydrangea has a bountiful harvest of the best blooms ever! Limelight is by far a beauty in the garden, with its gigantic blooms and array of color. Limelight, in mid summer starts out as an “eye catching” lime green, and turns into a pure white color and ending in the fall with a magnificent color of pink. Limelight, makes great dried or cut flower arrangements. Limelight’s height can reach as high as 6 to 8 feet high. So, this beauty can set the stage in anyone’s garden with it’s great structure. Pruning limelight is best done in the late fall or early spring. Hardy Limelight is also very true to the name and is hardy all the way down to zone 3.

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