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New Azalea Varieties add Long-lasting Color to the Landscape

Nothing says “Spring is here!” like a big blooming Azalea. Gone are your grandmother’s Azaleas that sit like big boring lumps in the landscape. Newer Azalea varieties include reblooming Azaleas, Azaleas with variegated foliage, and Azaleas with big double flowers. Bloom-A-Thon™ Azaleas put on a show in the spring, but continue to re-bloom throughout the summer and fall.

Azaleas are evergreen shrubs suitable for foundation planting or massing as informal hedges. These flowering shrubs bloom on old wood, or last year’s growth, so be careful when you prune. Plant Azaleas in partial to full shade in acidic to neutral soils. Most Azaleas are hardy in zones 6-9 and, as an added bonus, are deer-resistant. While you can plant single specimens in the garden, Azaleas make the biggest impact when planted in groups of three or more, and look their best when allowed to grow naturally rather than being heavily pruned.

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