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Reblooming Azalea

Bright Color in the Garden from Spring through Fall

Most flowering shrubs have just one season of interesting blooms. Bloom-A-Thon™ Azaleas produce beautiful flowers all season long. From the first flowers unfurling in the spring to the first brush with frost in the fall, reblooming Azaleas light up the garden with bright color. Choose from pure white, red, pink, or lavender flowered plants. There’s even a double-flowered Azalea available!

Plant Azaleas in groups of three or more in part shade or shade in neutral to acidic soil. Azaleas are relatively easy to grow, doing well in moderately moist soil, and requiring little pruning. You’ll get more bang for your buck when you plant reblooming azaleas in the garden. Make room in the garden, because Azaleas look best if you let them grow in their natural form without excessive pruning.

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