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Hardy Evergreen Trees add Height and Color Year-round.

Lush, evergreen Arborvitae trees are a favorite in the landscape. Tall columnar types of Arborvitae are excellent as hedge plants that don’t need to be trimmed or as specimen trees commanding attention. Their rich green leaves and near perfect form are striking in the landscape. Shorter pyramidal Arborvitae are sought after for planting in skinny landscape spaces and as smaller hedges. Don’t miss the rounded dwarf varieties with chartreuse (light yellow-green) leaves that brighten up the winter landscape and dwarf columnar types with bright chartreuse leaves.

All Arborvitae grow best and will develop their full characteristics—bright color, columnar form—in full sun in zones 3-7. Arborvitae are adaptable to a wide range of soil types—they grow well in clay! These trees and shrubs prefer moderately wet to moist conditions. Some varieties of Arborvitae are deer-resistant, while others require protection or repellants where deer pressure is heavy. Full-size varieties grow to 30 feet, while dwarf varieties can be as small as 12 inches tall. It is hard to beat the Arborvitae for an easy-care, low-maintenance evergreen for the garden.

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