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These vibrant shrubs are a popular choice for home gardens and landscapes.

These hardy, fast growing semi-evergreen plants are rich with fine leaves on dense branches, making them a great choice for new foundation plantings. With colors ranging from white and bronze to multicolored, the low-maintenance Abelia will coordinate with a wide variety of landscape plants, and brings the added benefit of attracting butterflies to your garden.

The entire family of Abelia grow well in full sun to partial shade in zones 6 -9. While it does prefer moist soil conditions, Abelia will perform quite well in nearly any soil type, including clay, and can adapt to dry or consistently damp areas with ease. Abelia have been known to grow quite tall, but the average height of 3 to 6 feet can be manipulated as needed. These shrubs endure heavy pruning without losing their blooming capability, as Abelia blooms on new growth.

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