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(Arborvitae) Tall and Stately Evergreens

Abundant evergreen color and the commanding presence of Thuja generate impressive stature in the landscape. Easy to grow Thuja require full sun to part shade and form upright pyramidal/columnar habits. Native to North America, Thuja Arborvitae provide year-round color and texture creating great winter interest and a haven habitat for birds.

Thuja ‘American Pillar’ forms a dense column teaching heights of 20-30 feet tall and North Pole™ grows 10-15 feet tall with a narrow columnar habit that needs no pruning. Thuja Spring Grove® forms a deer resistant, hardy, fast growing habit reaching 20 plus feet and Techy Gold™ grows 10-15 feet tall with a burn resistant gold foliage that turns even brighter during the winter months. Use Thuja in hedges or groupings, as a privacy fence, or as a specimen in the landscape.

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