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(Landscape Rose) Maximum Color With Minimal Maintenance

Today's Roses are a dream come true! Now you can have beautiful color with a variety of disease resistant, easy to grow roses. Oso Easy® Series Rosa have exceptional disease tolerance with a low-mounding habit of glossy foliage. Home Run® Rosa produce 5-petaled blooms that grow on the most disease shrubs on the market. The Oso Happy™ Series produces perpetual blooms, amazing color, and a pleasing growth habit. Knock Out® Rose is a maintenance free shrub that is disease resistant and thrives in all climates.

Put away the sprayer and plant these easy to grow, low maintenance Rosa in full sun. Trim to shape in the spring and apply a controlled release rose fertilizer, then sit back and enjoy. Rosa Landscape Roses may be cut for arrangements, used in containers or as ground covers, and are beautiful in borders and perennial gardens.

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