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Deliciously Fragrant Vines (Honey Suckle)

Lonicera is a vigorous easy to grow Honey Suckle that produces wonderfully scented tube-shaped flowers. Perfect in wildlife gardens, Lonicera attracts hummingbirds, songbirds, and butterflies but is also a deer resistant shrub. Lonicera will vine along a fence, may be trained to climb a trellis or arbor, and controls erosion as a shrub groundcover.

Lonicera prefers full sun and generally requires little pruning but may be trimmed after the flowering period has concluded. Prune lightly until your Honey Suckle is well established. To grow Lonicera as a trained vine plant 6-12 inches away from the support structure to allow for developing stems to grow. It is recommended not to over-fertilize your Honey Suckle.

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